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DIY: Personalize, Be Creative, Express Yourself

DIY: Personalize, Be Creative, Express Yourself

This article was put together and sourced by Danielle, a yacon Syrup supporter and proud Mommy of three – she spends her time with her husband Brett, her three daughters and their “son” Isaac (he’s a golden retriever). 

Having crutches doesn’t have to mean that your style is messed up and that you’re not the old you anymore. Heck, no! No way. You can use different stylish things to design your crutches with. Personalize your crutches and make them stand out – maybe even the medical assistant can help.

If people stare at you with your regular crutches, make sure that when you do revamp it, that you make it look great and make people feast their eyes on your awesome crutches! I mean, since they are already looking at it, might as well give them something nice to look at, right?! By doing so, you’ll also be sending them a message, like: Hey! I know I have crutches, but it doesn’t make me less cool!

Be Creative

Yes, your body, your leg might be constrained, and you are restrained from doing some things because of your crutches and your bum leg, but that doesn’t have to mean that you have to restrain your creativity as well! So, be creative about your crutches. Create interesting design concepts for your crutches, to make them look awesome and cool. Who knows, you might make a name for yourself, by creating designs that are off the hook!

Express yourself

Don’t hold back with your designs. If you are a fun loving and cheerful person, then you can design your crutches using elements that could reflect that part of you! Don’t hold back, really. Make sure that your crutches’ new look and feel goes well with not just your wardrobe, but your personality as well.

Reflect who you are

Don’t be afraid of showing who you are. It’s good to express your personal style when creating things. Make sure that you put a little bit of yourself in your design for your crutches. Make sure that you do something unique, and give off something in your design that is you, that makes your look your signature style, a look that makes you stand out from the rest of the people around you.

One Response to “DIY: Personalize, Be Creative, Express Yourself”

  1. Lin Ye says:

    you’re so right – I love your upbeat ideas and flare! i put some little poofie bows on one of my crutches and i really luv how it turned out, i’m doing the ovther one right now (: